Proguard 169 Plus

PU-Topcoat with long-term stability to UV radiation

A polyester reinforced, polyurethane topcoat with excellent anti corrosive properties. It is below the diisocyanate limit eliminating the need for mandatory training for end users (REACH Regulation 1149/2020/EC).

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  • Льготы
  • Характеристики Параметры
Extreme UV stability and weather resistance
One-coat, fast curing (Opacity depends on colour. With light colours a second layer—wet-on-wet—may be necessary)
Simple application by airless spraying, roller, or cartridge system
Характеристики Применение
According to ISO 12944-2 CX
Colours: Various colours (RAL or NCS tone)
Topcoat for existing corrosion protection system, for scopes such as:
Steel structures
Tanks and pipelines
On- and offshore facilities
Технические данные
Температура в сухом состоянии (Max) 120°C (248°F)
Имеющиеся размеры 5L and 20L kits