Паста скольжения

A premium quality, pure synthetic, lubricant that will function effectively even at ultra-high temperatures and pressures. For use in the most extreme pressure conditions by leaving a solid lubricating film without varnishing. Product is used to prevent wear, seizing and galling of equipment assemblies.

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High-pressure lubrication and wear resistance
Excellent water washout resistance
Характеристики Применение
Low coefficient of friction
Lubricates at pressures to 10687 kg/cm2 (152,000 psi)
Usage temperatures to -23 ˚C – 538 ˚C (-10 ˚F – 1000 ˚F)
Pure non-carbonizing synthetic base
Contains no toxic heavy metals
NSF Registered H2

Stem nuts, lead screws, and linear actuators
Flange bolts and high tension studs
Switch gears

Available Container Sizes: 500 g, 5 l, 20 l