720 CCG

Chain, Cable, Gear Lubricant

Extreme Pressure, Water and Corrosion Resistant Lubricant

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High-pressure resistance and a durable film to protect equipment
Will not fling off or extrude like ordinary oils and greases
Contact surfaces are cushioned, thereby extending life of chains, sprockets, wire ropes, and gear drives
Outperforms conventional grease and lubricants
Характеристики Применение
Off-white translucent, Polymer-modified synthetic lubricant
High shear strength and self-adhering film
Forms a robust “wear shield” which stays in place even under the most extreme pressures
Стойкость к коррозии
High resistance to water, moisture and corrosive liquids and vapors

Chain drives/sprockets
Hoists/cranes, wire ropes/cables
Oven chains and chain conveyors
Worm drive gearboxes, motor-operated valves
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