638 EMG

The Chesterton 638 EMG Electric Motor Grease is designed for electric motor bearings operating in demanding conditions.

638 EMG —Temperature limit 240°C (NLGI #2 — ISO VG 100 & 46)

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Увеличивает эксплуатационный ресурс подшипников
Сокращает время простоя
Повышает производительность
Характеристики Применение
Synthetic base fluid fortified with high performance additives
Excellent thermal and mechanical stability
Outstanding resistance to extreme pressure, vibration, and start/stop
Virtually waterproof and steam resistant
Electrical motors and generators exposed to sever industrial conditions of corrosion, moisture, vibration
Forced draft, Induction draft fans, fin fans, blowers, HVAC
Ball and roller bearings, with medium to high speeds; nDm 80,000 – 800,000
Motors operating in high and low temperature conditions, speeds from less than 1750, and up to 3550 RPM (ISO 100 and 46 viscosities available)
Corrosion resistant protective lubricant
Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, most seals and elastomers

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